Red Vines

Having some fun with some photos of Isabelle. iPhone 5c / Photoshop.


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A new art show tribute to the movie vision of the Coen brothers – and I was invited to participate.

Coen Bros Poster Small 2

It was quite difficult choosing just ONE thing… I wanted to jump in with both feet – among my favorites are The Big Lebowski, Fargo, True Grit, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, Miller’s Crossing… Had plenty of ideas – which is always a problem. Would have been much easier if I only liked ONE movie from the available choices, but this way…my mind was racing and had difficulty deciding. So many ideas, so little time not filled with other work, kids, movies and video games…

Still have the ideas, but the show opens on June 7th.

But the creative process is a wondrous thing – you start with one idea over here, and you end up with something quite different way over there…

I settled on True Grit – I always liked westerns and the John Wayne original, and found the Coen version to be a great movie. Like I said, the creative process is strange (well, I said wondrous, but really it is strange). Sometimes mistakes play a role. Actually, mistakes ALWAYS play a role – happy mistakes which often make your design better. Initially, this was going to be a screen-printed poster, but eventually I opted for a Giclée print instead.

With so many talented artists involved in the show, the challenge was making my piece stand out among what is sure to be a collection of art as diverse and unique as the Coen movies to which they are paying tribute. I settled on creating what might have been a poster for the Italian version of the True Grit theatrical release.

Here’s the final piece (it is a limited edition of 25 numbered and signed prints which will be selling for $80).

True Grit Red FPO

I also created a variant in which the colors were changed on the main character and also the cast names (it is a limited edition of 10 numbered and signed prints which will be selling for $120).

True Grit Variant FPO

The show opens Friday, June 7th, at the LTD Gallery in Seattle, WA.

You can visit the OVER THE LINE! event page on Facebook, or read this recent write-up on the Firewire blog.

I would like to thank LTD Gallery, the owner James Monosmith, as well as the curator of the show, Chris Jackson, for inviting me to be part of the show.

Rocketeer 2012!

I knew it was going to happen, but when it actually did I was taken by surprise. Of course, I’m talking about the imminent release of Rocketeer Adventures #2!

My friend, Bill Morrisson, wrote a story for this issue and asked me to color it, and since I had just recently met Scott Dunbier at IDW, I was happy to do it.
It as a feverish few days as the Scott’s deadline was quite unforgiving, but after lots of coffee and not much else, I felt it turned out great, although the caffeine may have contributed to the intensity of the colors…

Today, Bill walked into my office and handed me a copy of the comic which he had only moments before bought at Meltdown Comics.

So, yes, I KNEW it was going to happen – me getting the comic, but it was a nice surprise having it bought for me by Bill. Now I still have to go out and buy more to support this great title!

It is a beautiful issue – just like the one before it, featuring two covers – one by Darwin Cooke and one by Dave Stevens, some really beautiful art by Colin Wilson, Bill Morrison, and John Paul Leon, and another coloring home-run by Dave Stewart. And I also wanted to mention the great pinup by J. Scott Campbell and John Rauch.

Being included was wonderful, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous having my colors featured alongside Dave Stewart’s. But I think my own effort in the issue is greatly helped by the wonderful art surrounding it, and I am quite proud to be part of it.




Thanks Bill and Scott!