“…There are no strings on me…”

This is coming up fast, and it looks fantastic – can not wait!
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Considering buying a new bike.

I’ve had my Altima for a few years now, and while it’s been a great car, it feels a little dated now. Call it a mid-life crisis if you’d like, but I’m looking for something more exciting, something that’ll turn heads, and perhaps allow me to blast to smithereens some of the morons on the 405 freeway.

This is the bike I’m looking for, and it just might be my gift to myself this holiday season.


To quote a friend, “this is bananas!” And he’s right. This is the kind of work that makes music videos worth watching, and should inspire others to step up and push the creative envelope. I’m not a video artist, but after watching this even I felt I have to try harder. This definitely falls under “things I like.” Enjoy! (And make sure to watch the behind the scenes.)

True Grit Limited Edition Movie Poster Release

My take on the Coen Brothers’ True Grit poster – as a classic Italian Western. Originally created for the LTD Gallery show celebrating the films of Joel and Ethan Coen, the Il Grinta limited edition giclée prints are now available for sale directly from me. The main edition (red color) is limited to 20 hand-numbered and signed prints which I am selling for $40. There is also a very limited variant run (blue color) of only 10 prints, also hand-numbered and signed. The variant is selling for $60. The prints are 18″x24″ and printed on heavy archival paper. If you are interested please contact me directly through my email serban@serbancdesign.com




The lovely ladies of the Tired Girl Collective are tirelessly toiling together to bring you exciting new and uniquely nerdy offerings at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con!

Tired Girl Collective

You guys are not going to believe the lovely stuff that Melanie of Belle Pottery has in store for you at SDCC…just look at this nonsense…



It is my understanding that these are “hold-alls” for your rings and wallets and whatnot, but what they really are is SPECTACULAR…wait until you see them all glazed and shiny and lovely in person. Swing by the Tired Girl Collective in Small Press at table O-12. You can’t miss us, we’ll be the ones with the awesome pottery!

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Screen Prints – The “new” art form

There has been such a great upsurge in art created from re-envisioning movie posters as screen prints, that it makes it difficult for someone like myself, a lover of cool art and great movies, to keep any cash in my already thin wallet.

It is then a small blessing for me, that these prints have become so popular that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the chance to spend my money on them. There was a time when they were somewhat underground, but with the success of art powerhouses like MondoSpoke Art, and ACME Archives through their print site Dark Ink this art form has become very popular – and not only because the art is amazing, but it is affordable at the same time – most prints generally going for $50 to $100. No need to seek out original movie posters from the 50’s, or buy cheap reprints to decorate your apartment. These prints are so cool, the are instant classics in their own right, and the limited numbers make them even more unique.

I am a very late entrant into this arena, and it since that the bar has been set so high already, it will be very interesting (if not a bit unnerving) to see where I’ve gotten, let’s say…five years from now. My first entry was a print for the 20th anniversary screening of The Rocketeer at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood.


More recently I was asked by ACME to create a screen print of the 1935 Mickey Mouse short The Band Concert. This was a perfect choice for me as the short is one of my all-time favorites, though I have to say, watching it over and over for graphic clues really made me see it very differently. Suffice it to say, not that a year has passed, I am finally comfortable watching it again.


I am currently working on a few new ideas, and hopefully I’ll be able to execute them before too long. In the meantime, check out some of these wonderful examples from MondoSpoke Art, and ACME Archives.

There are really so many truly amazingly beautiful posters, that this is just a random collection of my favorites… Once you’re done reading this, go buy a cool poster!




Always Welcomed

Time seems to dull the pain of losing a parent, and, after a while, memories fade, diminishing in the distance, drowned out by the constant noise of the life surrounding us, becoming more and more like a withering echo, leaving us unsure of our own recollections of those moments past. And then, something happens. An event, a location, a sensation, a song…and feelings rush back in, flooding your mind with images and emotions not only of the loss, but of moments spent with that missing parent, moments that at the time might have seemed simple, ordinary, even boring, but most of all, moments that now are priceless treasures suddenly rediscovered. They rush back in unrelenting, unstoppable, and often unkind…but always welcomed.