More stuff from my shelves

A few more snapshots of what’s crowding my Bongo office shelves. Just as before, when it definitely seemed that the rubber chicken was gonna’ spill on the after-hour happenings, Spider Pig seems to have have been interrupted mid-sentence. Perhaps Treebeard sushed him… Enjoy!


Always Welcomed

Time seems to dull the pain of losing a parent, and, after a while, memories fade, diminishing in the distance, drowned out by the constant noise of the life surrounding us, becoming more and more like a withering echo, leaving us unsure of our own recollections of those moments past. And then, something happens. An event, a location, a sensation, a song…and feelings rush back in, flooding your mind with images and emotions not only of the loss, but of moments spent with that missing parent, moments that at the time might have seemed simple, ordinary, even boring, but most of all, moments that now are priceless treasures suddenly rediscovered. They rush back in unrelenting, unstoppable, and often unkind…but always welcomed.