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Some stuff off my shelf…

It’s weird to look around my room sometimes, and consider the meaning of some of the objects that crowd my shelves.

I was staring at a small section of one of the shelves in my Bongo office (really more through it seeking inspiration) – and I was suddenly struck at how representative this particular section was of the past 10- 15 years or so. There’s Homer, so that’s clearly representative of my involvement with the Simpsons. But really, it reminds me more of Futurama – because I remember exactly when I received it as a gift. It is, in fact, the ceramic case to a Simpsons watch which I still have, and I got it during the first run of Futurama – it is strange to consider how an object can take you right back to a location you haven’t thought about in so long. Then there are Hoops and Yoyo, a couple of  toys Titan offers with their Simpsons comics, and a Bat-mobile from Bill’s collection.

But the ones that stand out to me the most, are the My Little Pony figurine, given to me by my daughter, and the clay monster created by my son when he was much younger (perhaps 9 or 10). I wonder what they all do when the lights are off – the rubber chicken looks like it wants to tell.


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