A busy couple of months leading into an adventure

Just saw Argo, and it’s a good thing too, because it’s going to be a busy couple of months…

As if the start of the Holiday Season (and all that implies) was not enough, the next couple of months, leading into the end of 2013, promise to offer many excellent ways to distract me from attempting anything productive.

In just a few days, on November 6th, we will get to participate in something that Americans only experience once every few years. Some argue that some of the energy is gone, that this is not as historical as the last time around, that because of past missteps this has the potential to disappoint… I disagree – I am energized, excited, and full of hope for this November 6th, and I will make sure my kids get to experience it! I am of course referring to the long-awaited release of Halo 4!


OK… We have only three days (hydrate, eat smart energy foods, and only sleep as necessary), and on November 9th we are presented with the release of Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. This should only be a short distraction from Halo 4, but a distraction nonetheless – although it may be a good opportunity to stock up on soda, popcorn and even candy (should your Halloween stash be diminishing) without going to the store. Yes, you’ll pay a premium, but you’ll save important time which can otherwise be spent in front of your Xbox. I am excited about Skyfall, and I’m very hopeful it will erase the memory of Daniel Craig’s second 007 movie, Quantum of Solace.


Then back to Halo 4. Yes there will be other diversions as well – like Thanksgiving and having to visit with family, but those will eventually pass, so that we may wrap up the campaign mode and devote ourselves entirely to the online Halo 4 experience, which should keep us quite busy through December.

Now, this will be a great time to revisit the extended versions of all three Lord of the Rings movies, because only ten days before Christmas, Peter Jackson will deliver the long-awaited release of The Hobbit! Very, VERY exciting, indeed…


And then,  December 19th, Sony pictures will release Zero Dark Thirty, from the director of Hurt Locker (Kathryn Bigelow). This, for personal reasons, is the movie I look forward to the most this year. I really hope it lives up to the historical significance of the events it portrays.


Just like Argo, the next two months leading into 2013 will offer a lot for us to take in and it looks like we’ll be on the edge of our seats all the way through the end credits.


Some stuff off my shelf…

It’s weird to look around my room sometimes, and consider the meaning of some of the objects that crowd my shelves.

I was staring at a small section of one of the shelves in my Bongo office (really more through it seeking inspiration) – and I was suddenly struck at how representative this particular section was of the past 10- 15 years or so. There’s Homer, so that’s clearly representative of my involvement with the Simpsons. But really, it reminds me more of Futurama – because I remember exactly when I received it as a gift. It is, in fact, the ceramic case to a Simpsons watch which I still have, and I got it during the first run of Futurama – it is strange to consider how an object can take you right back to a location you haven’t thought about in so long. Then there are Hoops and Yoyo, a couple of  toys Titan offers with their Simpsons comics, and a Bat-mobile from Bill’s collection.

But the ones that stand out to me the most, are the My Little Pony figurine, given to me by my daughter, and the clay monster created by my son when he was much younger (perhaps 9 or 10). I wonder what they all do when the lights are off – the rubber chicken looks like it wants to tell.