“The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.”

So this blog – as it says above, is not just about things I do, but also about things I like. And I like the movie Prometheus. A lot.

It is – I think – flawless in its appearance. CGI is integrated masterfully, and the design is stunning. It left me with a lot of questions, and while I have some complaints or at least lingering questions about the story itself, the visual experience is definitely worth the trip – so much so, that I would like to see again. And again. The IMAX 3D experience was breathtaking, and I would fully recommend it for this movie (I normally avoid it, so… I guess that says something, no?).

One of my favorite parts, is, and I hope I’m not spoiling anything here, the character of the android David, played flawlessly by Michael Fassbender.

Check out the official Weyland Industries DAVID 8 promo, or view it on YouTube bellow.


It’s been a while

And not because I’m lazy and doing nothing, but, on the contrary, because I’ve been very very busy. And I still am. No need to bore you talking about all my projects, but I will talk about the one I just finished, and which proved to be quite challenging.

I was recently invited to participate in the Rayguns and Robots show at Ltd. Gallery in Seattle. “Sure!” I exclaimed without thinking about it too much… And then it dawned on me that I haven’t painted in a really, really, really long time. I have become one with my Mac… It is an extension of me, and I can do anything I want on it. But this – this would be messy, and with little room for mistakes, and I had not done it for real in 20 years.

The deadline – that which keeps me from playing video games. And lately, it feels like it’s been one continuos deadline. No joy in finishing something when you can’t stop and look at it… But I was committed, so I headed to the art store. Paints – check. Canvas – check. More paints – check. All I needed now was an idea…

I came up with quite a few… Some – I though – really cool, and if I didn’t have to ship the final piece I might have just explored them. I could do a really cool print, mixed media, maybe neon… How retro… But in the end it had to be something I could do on time and also something that I would like to hang on my own wall. And so, slowly, and idea formed – now to the easy task of painting. Like I said, it’s been a really, really long time.

Anyway, the process was messy – mixing colors is harder than I remember, applying paint to canvas is harder than I remember, finding the right brush is harder than I remember… Actually EVERYTHING proved to be harder than I remember. What did I get myself into? But it felt great. And with every stroke of the brush, with every carefully aimed splatter of paint, and every new stain of color on any number of my t-shirts, this thing started to come together. And after almost a week of channeling my former self, a week of walking around the canvas, applying some paint, then walking away again and staring at it from a distance while leaning my head sideways, I got to a point where I finally said “it is done…”

I can now happily report that, with the paint (mostly) dry, the canvas has been shipped to the gallery. Maybe someone will even buy it, or maybe it will hang on my wall at home – but most importantly, I rediscovered the fun of making art way from my computer – and I think I really like it.

Los Angeles – June 8, 2012

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