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Rocketeer 2012!

I knew it was going to happen, but when it actually did I was taken by surprise. Of course, I’m talking about the imminent release of Rocketeer Adventures #2!

My friend, Bill Morrisson, wrote a story for this issue and asked me to color it, and since I had just recently met Scott Dunbier at IDW, I was happy to do it.
It as a feverish few days as the Scott’s deadline was quite unforgiving, but after lots of coffee and not much else, I felt it turned out great, although the caffeine may have contributed to the intensity of the colors…

Today, Bill walked into my office and handed me a copy of the comic which he had only moments before bought at Meltdown Comics.

So, yes, I KNEW it was going to happen – me getting the comic, but it was a nice surprise having it bought for me by Bill. Now I still have to go out and buy more to support this great title!

It is a beautiful issue – just like the one before it, featuring two covers – one by Darwin Cooke and one by Dave Stevens, some really beautiful art by Colin Wilson, Bill Morrison, and John Paul Leon, and another coloring home-run by Dave Stewart. And I also wanted to mention the great pinup by J. Scott Campbell and John Rauch.

Being included was wonderful, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous having my colors featured alongside Dave Stewart’s. But I think my own effort in the issue is greatly helped by the wonderful art surrounding it, and I am quite proud to be part of it.




Thanks Bill and Scott!


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