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The Band Concert

Very excited to visit ACME Archives Limited this Saturday, to sign my first poster with them before its release to the public on Wednesday.

I’ve known the good people at ACME for quite a long while, and not just as a dedicated fan-boy, but also as a contributor to a few different limited editions from Futurama, The Simpsons, and Disney. However, this is the first time when my name will actually be featured as “the artist”.

It is a screen printed limited edition poster based on Walt Disney’s “The Band Concert” which was released in 1935. A great cartoon, one of my absolute favorites, and I feel very fortunate to have been offered the chance to put my spin on it. I only hope my poster lives up to this epic piece of animation! Thats all I can say for now, but I look forward to posting more once it is released.

For now, here’s a link to the cartoon on YouTube:


One response to “The Band Concert

  1. Kathleen ⋅

    You rock! 🙂

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