I wanted to share another poster I did almost a year ago. This was done for the anniversary screening of The Rocketeer at the El Capitan movie theater in Hollywood.

This was another perfect combination of doing something I like for a movie I love! The best part was having the screening at the El Capitan, as The Rocketeer was the movie that opened the theater twenty years ago, and the crowd was fantastic.



Band Concert Rough

Starting work on a couple of new poster ideas – and I thought it would be fun to show a bit of my process. I will use The Band Concert as an example, since it was so well received.

I started by watching the 1935 cartoon a few times in a row, to get a better sense for its general feel, texture , or…atmosphere. It’s funny – as much as I love this cartoon, looking at it for the purpose of designing the poster, I found myself focusing on different details than if I was watching it simply for entertainment. And watching it about ten times in a row, sometimes frame-by-frame, made it no less enjoyable.

My first approach was to sketch out a few thumbnails, but I quickly discovered that none of my ideas were panning out. I eventually decided on the vertical design to help emphasise the wind funnel which is the background of this movie. Here is the comp I submitted to ACME and Disney:

Once this layout was approved, I moved on to the creating the final art. The characters were drawn by hand, but the rest of the poster, including inking the character art and coloring was done using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Here are the original pencils for the characters:

Much of the process is very deliberate, but there is a certain amount of exploration as well. The coloring is the final step, and  often times a piece of art can end up quite different than what I intended at first – but in the case of this poster, because it is screen-printed, I was limited to a maximum of eight colors. Although limiting, it was a fun challenge, especially because I wanted to capture a slightly aged color palette. Using a Pantone color selector for the final palette was a bit stressful because the colors look very different on the computer screen, but I have to say that the good folks at GYOMedia did an excellent job, and I am very happy with the final product.

The Band Concert – Part Deux

Saturday was a great day at ACME. The posters turned out wonderful, and I manage not to mess up a single one signing them (my coffee cup was watched carefully by my daughter Isabelle – who was also my photographer)

ACME announced the release as this Wednesday on the Dark Ink website (http://darkinkart.com/the-band-concert-new)

The poster is silkscreen on heavy paper, and it measures 15″X30″ (135 piece edition size).






I just picked up this title last week, and it is a beautiful, beautiful book. Christoper King’s review does it justice – as much as anyone can without actually being able to show you the book, and the detailed pictures are great. Enjoy!

Recommended Books for Artists and Designers

Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artists Edition

I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of IDW’s coveted Artist’s Editions ever since the series started with The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens(one of my all-time favourite comic book artists) and I’m still looking for a copy. But given the highly limited print run of only 300 copies, it demands a hefty price tag if you’re even lucky enough to find one. IDW followed this release with Walter Simonson’s Thor and recently, my first introduction to the series, Wally Wood’s EC Stories, and WOW, what a book!

Wallace ‘Wally’ Wood was a hugely popular comic book artist during the 1950s and 60s producing some of EC’s classic science-fiction stories as well as work for Warren, Marvel, MAD and his own personal project Witzend magazine. Although widely regarded as one of the best artists in the business, Wood was vocal about his mixed…

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The Band Concert

Very excited to visit ACME Archives Limited this Saturday, to sign my first poster with them before its release to the public on Wednesday.

I’ve known the good people at ACME for quite a long while, and not just as a dedicated fan-boy, but also as a contributor to a few different limited editions from Futurama, The Simpsons, and Disney. However, this is the first time when my name will actually be featured as “the artist”.

It is a screen printed limited edition poster based on Walt Disney’s “The Band Concert” which was released in 1935. A great cartoon, one of my absolute favorites, and I feel very fortunate to have been offered the chance to put my spin on it. I only hope my poster lives up to this epic piece of animation! Thats all I can say for now, but I look forward to posting more once it is released.

For now, here’s a link to the cartoon on YouTube:

OK, here we go…

This is it… finally started a blog. No idea how to start it other than say “here I am World…be gentle.”

The idea is that this will help motivate/stimulate/force me to do something more creative with my time besides Call of Duty. It is supposed to be primarily a blog about my work and what moves me in design and art in general, so I will begin by posting some work from my recent past and we’ll see where it takes us…

With any luck, I will be able to create a coherent stream of information which you’ll find interesting enough to visit on occasion.